Who is Harry Wombat?

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Who is Harry Wombat? Empty Who is Harry Wombat?

Post  harry wombat on Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:18 pm

After reading the introductions by other members mine seems somewhat plain. I am a city dweller, in the suburbs of Sydney, with little chance of meeting a wombat other than at the local zoo or wildlife park. I do envy those who are able to have regular contact with wombats. As you might have gathered Harry Wombat is my non de plume, although Harry does exist in a manner of speaking. Many years ago when I lived in Melbourne I purchased a large hand made toy wombat from the St. Kilda market and he sits proudly on the sofa in the lounge. He is the real Harry Wombat.

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Who is Harry Wombat? Empty Harry Wombat

Post  wombat woman on Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:58 am

Hi Harry
I'm wombat woman! My husband and I are lucky enough to live in the middle of wombat territory. We've also been priviledged to experience the joy of raising and releasing a number of orphans. My very first soft toy wombat [Roland now has 13 friends] was a present from a young pen-pal when I was bottle feeding Bea, my very first wombat joey back in 1999.

I have a great photo of Roland and Bea outside together! Roland also travelled up to North Queensland with me two years ago, when I went to do a stint of volunteer teaching on a cattle station. The ten year old girl on the property also had a soft toy wombat, and Roland and Candy became engaged, and then married while we were there. It was a big event! They still write to each other, though I fear time and distance are having a detrimental effect on their relationship!!

Not everyone can hold a live wombat, so soft toys are the next best thing! They're a tangible reminder of the real thing, and I've taken them along to schools, and also used them for display at public events where it's too noisy to take a real wombat.The toy wombats can peek out of home-made pouches used when rearing orphanned wombats. Anyway, wombats need support from city dwellers too. They're wonderful creatures who are very much under valued in Australia at present. A world without wombats would be a sad place indeed!

Give the real Harry a hug from me...a lounge is a pretty good place to live. Quite a few of ours have found that lounges are pretty good places to climb up and snooze, prior to growing up and graduating full time to the great outdoors.

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