Why isn't a wombat an Indian Myna

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Why isn't a wombat an Indian Myna Empty Why isn''t a wombat an Indian Myna

Post  harry wombat on Fri May 15, 2009 12:02 pm

The other day I read in a newspaper about a council forum being held in Nowra regarding the culling of the non-native Indian Myna bird. As a city person we are being over run by these birds and with horror I am seeing them more frequently in the bush. What surprises me is to cull these birds I have to use humane methods, and the local councils preferance would be for me not to cull them at all, and yet I can go out into the bush and without any real thought start blasting away at wombats. Do I imagine it or is there perhaps a problem with double standards being applied here ?

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