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Post  David on Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:05 am

Dianne Bisset and Stephanie discussed their vision of the WPSA shop Motion passed to allow Dianne to decide what needs to go into shop
with regard to ethics. The issue of restricting goods to only Australian made was overturned in favour of the the intent described in Bulletin
(2) 2006 that products sold in the shop would be sourced with the welfare of wombats in mind. All agreed and passed. Stephanie Clark
will be the Shop Director.

Children's Education- Dani Ondinea
Dani – put her ideas forward regarding and activities page for children on the website. She will commence work on that project. Members
are needed to assist and a Director interested in Children's Education to support.
The Society would like to develop training courses concerning wombat care and management and mange treatment. Shirley Lack will become
the Director developing this work. Bill Waterhouse offered to investigate issues related to having such courses registered under the
Australian Training System.
A membership committee will be called to assist in due course.
Wombat Conference
The response to the current Wombat Conference was discussed and it was agreed that it was a suitable ongoing activity for the Society to
run in future. Discussion was had regarding timing and frequency and then put to a vote.
VOTE - every two years.
Committee members to be invited and received from conference evaluations and other States.
FORUM: David suggested various changes to the Forum , the main means through which the Society plans communication.
Currently emails are the primary source of communication and these are too centralised leaving the Public Officer to deal with most
communication in and out of the society. This is not necessary as the new Website has provision for various email addresses to be directed
to Directors managing areas and on site contact forms that can be routed to members dealing with that area/ issue. The forum was found
to have a number of problems but its use to develop the Conference, at least by the Board members involved, has given guidance to
managing the forum differently. David had undertaken to manage this area and implement changes. This will allow subcommittees to deal
directly with one another and for membership to view/ participate in their discussions.
Stephanie described systems she had experienced working well.
Stephanie does not like current methods of communication and will put alternatives to the Board. She would prefer board meetings to be on a
specific day rather than being ongoing via forum as they are at present. David spoke for his preference to retain meetings by forum.
Amanda said the need to define motions and vote if necessary could be improved by using the poll on the forum. General agreement was
this should be a matter for ongoing development. It was agreed that Board minutes, once approved, would be placed on the forum where
members can access them.
Committees Reports
Conference 2011
Committee retires with the Society's thanks.
Mange treatment: Society may need to apply for species specific Rehab. Licence in NSW to treat mange. Registration of Treatment
products remains an option. Amanda to speak to NSW Wildlife Rehabilitation Council in August. Audrey Koosmen, Chair of Council
talked to possibility of support from Council. Bendeela in NSW and associated issues highlighted . Jack Wolfenden- Emirates resort
Lithgow mentioned as a supported study. Amanda remains the Board member managing mange , Marie Wynan may take on this role in
future. The mange maps continue and more members will be invited to collaborate and enter data.
Harm Mitigation- Wollongong University (Shirley Lack)
Wollongong University studies on kangaroos and wombats not going ahead.
Report on road kill mitigation (paper tabled)
Road Mitigation: Fauna Sensitive Road Design- Part 1 of a 2 part
paper from Queensland Government paper handed to Lenore Taylor as Harm Mitigation Director. Dani Odinea thanked for bringing paper to
Society's attention. Lenore Taylor remains Director responsible for Harm Mitigation. Discussions with Erin Roger regarding most accurate
mapping methods for road kill have occurred and Erin has used data fom Society's road kill maps. GPS important.
Desexing trials (Amanda Cox)
Wilsons Promontery is to conduct trials on wombats by desexing according to contact from Journalist. This matter has been brought to
the Society's attention by a number of members. Anne Biasol offered to find out more information.

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