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Post  David on Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:09 am


The April accounts are being done by our new bookeeper , Lyndall Magnussen. We looked at whether the accounts to date ( October to now) could be kept seperately ie- she uses MYOB and we have been using Quick Books ,but it was decided that was too messy so she will reenter accounts to date (with the exception of individual delegates to the conference- these will be entered in bulk) .

Conference Accounts
In answer to Stephanie's previous question regarding whether a money in/ out statement for the conference is available, it will be, but I'd prefer to wait for Lyndall's accounting of same if all are happy with that. We did a simple list for the IFAW people as that was a requirement of our receiving a donation from them and that is available if anyone wants to see it, it doesn't list the future expenses ( CD Roms to delegates) or paypal charges but Lyndall's final version will.

Due to the relatively small number of entries each month, Lyndall is asking whether the Board would be happy with bi-monthly accounting unless a big event like the Conference is underway. She is also recommending we apply to have the BAS GST converted to quartelrly. (I'm not sure how bi-monthly accounts and quarterly GST will work out but need the Board to consider this before we do anything anyway).These changes would take place after you've approved them and because she will be working on re-entering accounts monthly ones will continue for a time anyway. Whether the ATO will allow quarterly is another matter but I need your agreement to that prior to writing to them.

We have had two names mentioned as possible new directors . Sue Forrester from Victoria has been nominated by Denise Garrett and Mirella Alencar by Marie Wynan. I am going to speak with Marella who has a lot of organisational skills regarding this possible appointment and would like someone to approach Sue Forrester and sound her out. Bill Waterhouse has not yet completed his letter of appointment so you will note he hasn't been added to the ASIC list following the AGM as we get fined if we don't have the correct information on the ASIC site within 30 days of a change, hence his appointment will be when the letter of appointment is signed. Jenny Bruce who will be standing down when Bill steps up remains listed and involved. She will retire to the Public Fund Board only when replaced. Jan Smith/ Shona Macpherson will be retired to the Public Fund Board i you go ahead with new appointments as suggested.

I understand Di Bissett has been in contact with Steve the webmaster and the on line shop is underway. Perhaps Stephanie Clark, who is the Director overseeing this shop will update what is happening and how things are coming along. Both DI and STEVE have cc'd their emails to one another to info@wombatprotection so the delegating of this function hasn't reduced email flow.I'm wondering too whether Stephanie has been receiving everything as well?

Post the Conference AGM we've talked to most of the directors about the need to improve on line communications. At the time David felt that the forum could be improved and a number of functions carried out through it. David has modified the listings for the Directors' section of the forum and as you can see all the matters pertaining to a particular board meeting will be kept within one topic unless there is a specific ongoing issue such as WAO Finances which may be better dealt with as a separate topic.Stephanie feels Skype will be useful and Amanda and Jan have been exploring getting this onto the Society's computer. Amanda has checked and all of Stephanie, Marie and Shirley have and can use Skype. In general there seems to be agreement that the capacity to "get together" on a regular basis would be helpful and perhaps an integrated system may be used for a time while we sort out the bes ways of doing this- for example everyone who can could get together and those who aren't able/ can't use Skype contacted separately???. Stephanie has also sent through some links to systems like doodle that may be simpler re minutes. If you can all cope for a while longer using the forum we will try and get Skype onto the Society system by the end of May and proceed from there.

Once again the amount of email traffic became unmanageable during the month with a 15 day delay in responding at one point.Any suggestions?

Projects for Support
The current listing of projects for support has been removed from the site so it can be updated. (see WAO topic too).

There are three projects that have requested becoming projects for support;
1. Georgeanna Storey - researching outcomes for handraised ad release wombats
2. Majors Creek Wombat Research and Rehabilitation Centre - general suport
3. Jarake Wombat ICU Nimmitabel(*) - general support (*) name under discussion

as well as ones that clearly continue from our previous listing;

4.Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue
5.Southern Cross Wildlife Clinic

as they receive or have receive recent donations.

Ones we have had no donations to in recent times include;
6. Wombetta Wombat Clinic Bombala
7. Wombatrise Wombat Sancutary SA
8.Fourth Crossing Education
7. Phil Borchard Research

It might be useful to put together a policy for such support so we , for example , renew support annually/ biannually or whatever, or after a certain time of not receiving support for that project replace it. Once again your ideas would be welcomed to assist develop a protocol. There have been some comments made regarding our duty to monitor what happens with such projects throughout the WAO finances discussion and I intend to have a talk to the auditor to check levels of donations which are acceptably sent out as grants.

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