Any marketing plan to attract public attention on wombat protection?

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Any marketing plan to attract public attention on wombat protection? Empty Any marketing plan to attract public attention on wombat protection?

Post  FrankLiu on Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:14 pm

I joined WPS as a member for over a year and just realised that I was not automatically added as a forum member. Just registered and do the 1st post anyway.
Before I came to know WPS, I was helping (actually trying to help) Brigitte Stevens on the website of Wombat Awareness. At that time, Wombat Awareness was not well known, and Brigitte herself was pretty much fighting everything by herself - operation, marketing, whatsoever. Now, I believe they becomes one of the best known wombat projection org in Australia. Why is that? 2 times appearance on ABC 7:30 Report, and most importantly, their Facebook account.
People like touching stories, and the Bean Bag story Brigitte told on Facebook definitely attracted many eyeballs. Most importantly, through those stories (I don't mean fiction), people gradually build up the knowledge of wombat, and the ordeals they are facing.

I'm often surprised on how little people know about wombats. Being one of the most important native marsupial species, they haven't been paid much attention at all! The only proper academic(?) book I could find is "The secret life of wombats" from James Woodford.

I really respect the work volunteer wombat protection folks have been doing (and I'm envious on your opportunities because where I live don't have any wombats). However without public awareness, without any strategic marketing plan to raise public awareness and gain more supporters, we are pretty much fighting alone, we'll be always in the funding constrain. No matter how hard you work, one carer alone can only save very limited number of wombats.

It is a shame that such a lovely animal hasn't earned the equivalent fame at all. One of my friends came visiting from overseas and got a chance to hold a 2-year old youngster "Peanut" in a zoo in Batemens Bay, she fell in love instantaneously, and changed all her avatars and computer desktops to wombat photos. She wonder where she could find wombat soft toys, books, posters, whatsoever. However we have none to offer, except those ugly earth color dumb bear from the same mode, in tourist souvenir shops, which she bought 3.

Said enough, overall, I think some well-knowledged "marketing strategist" would bring huge changes to the situation. The question is whether there any marketing professionals are keen on wombat protection. Hope the board may consider this. Personal opinion anyway.


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