The Wombat Crush

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The Wombat Crush Empty The Wombat Crush

Post  David on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:16 am

From Kim

A couple of people have suggested that wombats crush predators in the burrow but presume it is more surmised from remnants of animals found in burrows than observed or proven behaviour. I think Barbara Trigs may have made comment and I think Clive Marks may have as well. It is an interesting question. It would be interesting if anybody can offer evidence or a contact to find whether there is any actual sightings of some poor beastie being crushed. Wombats certainly will push against an intruder by raising their back plate to the burrow roof but the circumstances for them to get enough traction, a low
enough burrow entrance and their nemisis in precisely the right position to be crushed leaves suggests not an easily accomplished feat.

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