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Post  David on Fri Jan 23, 2009 7:58 am

We own a property on the Central Tablelands which consists of 120 acres of native sub alpine forest. We are actively trying to make our property a wildlife refuge. We specialise in the care of wombats. We are members of WIRES, Wombat Protection Society, and I am a moderator on Envirotalk Australia and Wildfriends. We are also into sustainable living and are currently building a rammed earth house with solar power and establishing a self sufficient garden. We are also looking for ways that we can increase public participation both in sustainable living and in wildlife care and appreciation. We have now raised about 8 wombats. Our property is a natural habitat for wombats with many wild ones. We have some twenty burrows, most active within 100m of the house. We are visited regularly at night by wombats we have previously released. These come to say hello before wandering back off into the forest.

David's background is in geology while Suzanne's is in psychology.

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