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Post  JohnM on Sat Jan 24, 2009 10:05 am

We live on a rural property in the Central Tablelands of NSW. Holding membership with WIRES we work in the rescue and rehabilitation of all native animals including reptiles and birds. We are wombat carers from pinkies to adult release with most releases occuring on our property, which also has a wild population of wombats.Currently we have in care four ranging from 5kg to 14kg. We are also involved with the recovery project for the Regent Honeyeater having planted in 2008 1200 hundred trees and shrubs on our land to provide habitat for these and other local birds. We hold membership with the Australian Ecosystems Foundation / Secret Creek which is involved in land aquisition and rehabilitation as well as breeding programs for the extinct on the mainland Eastern Quoll and programs for other endangered species.


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