NSW Continues to issue cull licenses October 2010

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NSW Continues to issue cull licenses October 2010 Empty NSW Continues to issue cull licenses October 2010

Post  Amanda Cox on Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:06 am

Dear Ms Barnes

It has been drawn to my attention that NPWS through its Bathurst Office is issuing licenses to cull wombats without inspection or discussion with the landowner of alternative remedial methods.

On 1/10/2010 I was sent the following email
I had a conversation with a local landowner at Rydal, whom owns Chapel House. He is a a prominent barrister in Sydney and has a rural property for enjoyment. His property is on the boundary of some forest. He runs a few head of cattle on the property, and has sewn a crop of seeded oats for feed. Of course this has attracted the interest of the
local roo population.

Someone (probably a local) has convinced him to apply to NPWS and he was readily granted a licence to shoot quite a number of kangaroos as well as wombats. He is pretty surprised about the ease in which the licence was granted, and also unhappy about actually shooting the wildlife. In terms of wombats he had concerns about the damage being done to
fencing etc. I mentioned to him about yourself as a local wombat expert and possible alternate strategies rather than shooting.

As a local wombat expert, would you be prepared to provide him with some information, research results and strategies rather than shooting the wombats? There is a lot of misinforation out there by some of the less wildlife friendly farmers and local ruffians. Maybe even a site assessment?

I have contacted the above landowner and offered him some advise and alternatives to shooting the wombats and wallabies. It took me less than 15 minutes to contact the landowner and email him some SA and TAS government factsheets on alternatives to culling wombats.

On 21/10/2010 I received the following email

You might want to know that we have heard the Bathurst NPWS office has licensed a wombat kill on a property at Rockley.
NPWS Bathurst simply issues licenses without any query, without suggesting alternatives and without care.
We know this because they do it for kangaroos (yes, one ranger told us it was a public relations exercise to not ask questions and just issue licenses), and for the Threatened Grey Headed Flying Fox.
How can this NPWS be held accountable and responsible?????????

It very much concerns me and the Wombat Protection Society that the NPWS (the agency charged with the care of these protected animals) issued a cull license without inspection or consultation. The wombat is a protected animal and yet it appears it takes no effort whatsoever to obtain a license to kill them. It also takes very little effort to offer alternative strategies available through other government agencies and to educate landowners to live with the animals that occupied the land long before they arrived. I personally have found landowners receptive to alternatives once they know that such options are available.

I would be happy to discuss these alternatives with NPWS officers if required so that these options could be offered to landowners in the futures before cull licenses are issued.

Yours sincerely
David Alder
Wombat Protection Society
PO Box 40
Lithgow 2790


A.C.N. 122 449 665 A.B.N. 33 122 449 665

PH: 02 64 938 245 Mail P.O. Box 6045 Quaama 2550 N.S.W. Australia



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