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Introducing Oma Empty Introducing Oma

Post  Oma on Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:08 am

Hullo all,
I am a wildlife carer living for 23 years in Penguin,Tasmania. I have my house and 10 acres for sale so I can move further away from the coast and buy some bushland acreage and plan to care for wombats I hope. I have rehabilitated injured and orphaned Pademelons, Bennetts and ringtail, brushtail and pygmy possums, bandicoots, frogmouths, kookas and boobook owls over the last 7 years. Unfortunatley I do not live in an area inhabited by wombats and have only cared for wombat orphans overnight before sending them on to other carers and, sadly, my only tiny wombat pinkie did not survive beyond a week. Stephanie from Colebrook, whom I met online and then at the NWRC in Adelaide has become a good friend and has introduced me to this site. We are working together to develop a program to mitigate sarcoptic mange in this state. Bye for now, Oma

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Introducing Oma Empty Re: Introducing Oma

Post  Stephanie on Wed Aug 31, 2011 6:32 am

Welcome Oma and glad to have you on board and on the Board, we are going to be busy in Tasmania trying to make changes for the better for wombats here. Look forward to working with you.
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