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Post  Amanda Cox on Sat May 23, 2009 4:37 pm

At our release site, orphaned wombats "do their own thing".Up to a certain age we supervise all their outings but there comes that time when they insist on more independance. Our most recent orphan is around 15 kilos and has decided her favourite times to be out and about are from 7pm to 1 am. At midnight the other night the unmistakeable sounds of a wombat war came from a densely overgrown gully. The imagination is a wonderful thing and seeing her being ripped to shreds by an angry territorial wombat sent her human scambling through the bush soon locating the angry screaming wombat. A large brown wombat was sounding off at another unable to be seen due to the dense bush. It however heard the clumbsy human, now trapped in a small clearing. The wombat had no trouble coming under the log the human climbed over to get away from it. Fortunately, the human had grabbed a thick stick, originally to throw towards the screaming but now used to prop against the wombat's shoudler, allowing it to stand still and the human to getback over the log and crawl on all fours up through the wombat tracks imagining any moment that those razor sharp teeth would be sinking in. The wombat followed for a while making threatening Hannibal Lecter noises.

1. A human imagining a wombat chasing it moves fairly quickly on all fours in the dark.
2. A young wombat would escape faster than a human from any wombat attack.
3. Humans moving through wombat tunnels/ tracks in the bush do so slowly in comparison to a wombat.
4. Humans don't move well when their torch stops working.
5. When the wombat you worried about turns up at 1.00am as usual, happy and unscathed, it is not
particularly sympathetic to you or your battered body.

Amanda Cox

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Release Site fun and Games Empty Re: Release Site fun and Games

Post  Linda on Sun Jun 21, 2009 10:59 am

What a riot!! I wish it had all been video'd!!


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