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Post  Dianna on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:45 am

We live with a foot in 2 world's, the city and busy wildlife carer and reptile handler, with Sydney Metro wildlife (dianna) and our property at Wombyean Caves.. our planned retirement in the next few years. We have wombat's , more wombats, wallabys, roo's, untold birds and sadly and even mangy wombats there. 63 burrows in the 1km x 600m area our house sits in. We own 110 acres inside the water-catchment & NP We have been treating mange with flaps and directly pouring on when we can get close since March 2009/.. we seem to be wining, getting the odd 'traveler' thru with mange that we are treating. Had only 1 baby wombat 'spud' whom ended up with those great guys from NARG. (non rescuing member also) Been doing work on getting others to treat their mangy wombats, so organising mange day's with WPS or even just had one in sydney with 42 attending and no with 5 properties around Sydney starting treatment by some of those who attended the day. Getting tired of pulling dead wombats of Wombyean Caves Rd in from Mittagong each weekend, average is 3 per weekend! I think the farmers, pick up the roo's pretty quick for dog feed. Intrested in research and helping others lean about mange treatment. And NARG has the best wombat calendars around.. see their website. Always happy to chat wombats with any others interested. Laughing pale

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