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Society 56th meeting minutes Empty Society 56th meeting minutes

Post  David on Thu Mar 31, 2011 4:06 am

56th Board Minutes

New Business

1.Support for developing organisations – Primary suggestion is to have Directors involved in overseeing any such proposals and mentoring recipients. Shirley Lack currently managing Bendeela fundraising and Facebook site.

A Board forum on communication has been raised. David Alder has suggestthat being able to locate themes or lines of discussion is stopping participation. I would like to see better Topic definition in the current forum to encourage discussion of particular lines of discussion and ease the ability to follow particular lines.

. Amanda Cox has suggested using the polling facility to ensure responses are noted and where necessary votes tallied.

Finance Base- Shop
Stephanie Clark has offered to help member Dianna Bisset develop and manage the on line shop. Webmaster Steve Cole is involved in putting up the platform for the shop on the website. Discussion occurred regarding suitable products. Amanda mentioned that at some point members had been informed that the shop would carry Australian made products sourced from renewable or no harm sources. Forum discussion occurred re this matter Jan Smith suggesting that the issue be revisited and Stephanie asking it to be listed on the agenda at the AGM. This has been agreed and Amanda will locate original communication regarding shop products with members. See attachment Bulletin 2,2006.

Photographic Competition
Photgraphic Competition I am afraid this got lost in the confusion of the conference. I would still very much like to see this happen and would like to set some goals in getting it off the ground..

The audit was finalised and submitted to ASIC, signatories Bruce and Smith. Jan Smith and Stephanie Clark queried whether the Society could ask for a review which limits the extent of a Charity's requirements regarding audit. Amanda Cox believes we are not entitled to reduced review following application to ATO for full range of charitable certification- see attachments these minutes (charity certificates) and previous information regarding exemptions from full audit.

The Conference Committee has successfully developed the Conference which will be held March 19-21st 2011. Treasurer's report indicates that the Conference costs and expenses are in order and a surplus should result. Final figures are expected end of March 2011.

Mange Treatment
The failure to move forward in NSW with a treatment license has limited work in this area. There is concern that distribution of mange treatment kits in NSW without a license could be problematic to the Society. A letter was written to the NSW Wildlife Rehabilitation Council regarding this matter. As a result of not receiving a NSW license, the prospective donation of 120 litres of Cydectin from Virbac remains on hold.

Harm Mitigation
A range of issues continue to be addressed under this heading. Lenore Taylor has been overseeing entries on Road Kill mitigation and following up on harm mitigation re habitat destruction. A number of issues individual Directors have concerns about and a number of issues members of the Public bring to the Society's attention are also being addressed. Further discussion is needed to Co-ordinate all these and to ensure a uniform response from the Society.

Captains Flat Braidwood Report of 250 Wombats being Shot
A complaint from a tourist that a farmer boasted having a license to harm and killing 250 wombats at Captains Flat Braidwood sent in late last year was resolved with NPWS writing back indicating that they had not issued a license. The tourist's Australian contact was sent this information and asked to contact the tourist and see whether they wanted to pursue the matter further. They were relieved that no license had been given and were happy to leave matters at that. This unfortunately left little room for further action as we only received the detail that “James” a farmer at Captains' Flat had told the tourist this.

Education - an ongoing concern is the lack of availability for people in the more isolated areas to have access to information and training on wombats. This could be solved partly by better utilisation of the forum but also maybe the development of an online development/training course. This is being investigated.


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