Wombat play?

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Wombat play? Empty Wombat play?

Post  JohnM on Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:08 pm

Have been a wombat carer for many years, have four in care now. I thought I had seen most things they get up to but lately I am not so sure.
Cutting firewood on our property, I returned to collect a cut pile the other day only to find the pile spread all over the paddock, some were quite large. Two had been rolled into the nearby dam, over a distance of approx. 50 metres, through rocky areas, underbrush and trees. On inspection there was a definate area worn around the centre of the logs which consisted of many wombat claw marks. They had a great old time moving them.
Some that had caught up on trees rocks etc., were left, obviously too hard a task.
Similar things had happened with our wood pile near the house, moved over substantial distances.
Was it a game? Or did they resent my working in their area?
Am awaiting the delivery of a farm camera to set up, and see if I can catch the little rascals in the act.
The claw marks indicated they pulled the logs with their front claws rather than push them with the back ones.


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